Introducing zipsterific’s family of fat animals…


2016 Diamondback El Oso Grande

Burro is my latest fat beast of burden, successor to Pony. A very loyal and dedicated animal he has seen it all, from commuting, to grocery getting, to fatpacking to places near and far, to rolling over the rural countryside, Burro has been around. Unlike his predecessor, Burro has been the co-star in many of of zipsterific’s drone productions.


2013 Framed Minnesota 3.0

The faithful fat animal that started it all, Pony. This beast was a daily workhorse transporting me to the job every work day of the year. Pony has since retired, but is known to backup Burro when called upon. Some of Pony’s career highlights include three years of back and forth commutes to Veritas, and a good number of hobo-style fatpacking trips.

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