County Couches

A specially curated collection of photographed couches I have encountered on the side of roads for “FREE,” thrown over bridges, abandoned in the middle of frozen lakes, or found in the middle of the woods. Really, the whole thing started after I watched The Bridges of Madison County. I thought if Clint Eastwood could travel all over a county in Iowa photographing old bridges, then I could photograph The Couches of Ramsey County.

It’s odd, I admit, but it just became a “thing,” and something to keep my rides interesting. There have been stretches where months go by and I don’t see a single couch on the side of the road. Then out of the blue, there’s one and it’s very exciting! The whole collection is going to take some time, as I have to search through years of photo archives, but I’ll post them as I find them. The entire collection is posted on Instagram, but those are low res versions.

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