The Blue Hills 2020 – Day One

Last summer Dwayne Hess and I took an hour trip east of my place to camp at Audie Lake and ride the Blue Hills, just north of Weyerhaeuser, Wisconsin. It’s a Rusk County managed forest area with desolate gravel roads throughout. The roads are challenging since they are routinely graded and never develop beatdown paths as is the case with typical gravel roads. Think riding on marbles all day long. The area is a very popular ATV destination, so the roads are graded often to prevent erosion. Dwayne rode his skinny slicked out Bianchi Axis, while I rode my big fat Burro with VEE Zig Zag slicks. Burro was never really bothered much, but Dwayne wished he had brought his fat animal when unable to gain traction on the steep hills. Next time.

The camping in this area is absolutely stunning. It’s rustic back country with beautiful clear lakes throughout. While there are primitive campsites all over, there are sites with power and water. If you live in the Twin Cities area and want a challenging area to check out just a couple hours away, go to the Blue Hills. You will not be disappointed!

Here are some highlights from Day One. Day Two coming soon…

//Al and Dwayne
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