A Star Above The Fields

Venturing out into the fields for the first time this year, I thought I’d concentrate on shooting some grain silos southeast of New Richmond. Temps were in the mid-thirties with dry roads. Nice to be out there again! It was really neat to see an ornamental star on top of a huge grain silo platform…. Continue Reading →

The Blue Hills 2020 – Day One

Last summer Dwayne Hess and I took an hour trip east of my place to camp at Audie Lake and ride the Blue Hills, just north of Weyerhaeuser, Wisconsin. It’s a Rusk County managed forest area with desolate gravel roads throughout. The roads are challenging since they are routinely graded and never develop beatdown paths… Continue Reading →

The Great Canadian Geese Highway In The Sky

So after work, it was just another routine ride to the Nature Center and Doar Prairie Park for a fatbike spin. With the above zero temps I figured I’d do my usual drone schtick. Today I felt like focusing on the Doar Prairie Restoration park which is open to pedestrians and bicyclists. Anyway, as I… Continue Reading →

New Richmond Nature Center Fatbike Trail

One of the first places I checked out after settling into the new house is a fatbike trail about mile away, right here in New Richmond! It’s a wonderful park known simply as Nature Center and is shared by skiers, fatbikers, runners, hikers, or those simply out for a walk with the dog. When I… Continue Reading →


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